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Dobee Snowber is a working Mixed Media Artist, making time whenever possible to create. She has lived in the Bay area for over 20 years. Prior to that she lived in Santa Fe and various and sundry places east of the Rockies, including Maine, Washington DC and New Jersey. 


Over the past few years she has been working on a POOL series, including pools with and without swimmers. The swimmers plunge into or emerge out of the water, like the constantly changing moments in any given day; the effort to swim up and out and to breathe.


She has also been working on a series of portraits. The portraits mark a notable shift in her work. They are about entropy and the history they hold, a gaze that stares unapologetically and simply says I am here. Despite what life has given them they stand still in the middle of all things.


In creating her work, she is constantly reminded that she cannot successfully create until she fully lets go of expectations and judgments, particularly her own. At times she finds this incredibly challenging but, when it happens, it pushes her forward manifesting on board with paint, ink, paper, pen, color and objects, these cumulative moments. Her pieces are about water and breath, structure and entropy, home and transitions. They are about the moment before and the one right after and the one in between.  She often starts with one idea and then evolves to a whole other place. Sometimes art is like that.


Dobee Snowber holds a BA in Intellectual History/Feminist Studies from Kirkland College and a BFA in Printmaking /Painting from the Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine. She has also participated in several residencies including at the Vermont Studio School and Penland Art Center. She has shown extensively in various venues including galleries, museums, group collaborations and solo exhibits and is part of several private collections in the US and abroad. She is currently represented by SHOH Gallery, Berkeley, CA and Mary Praytor Gallery, Greenville, SC.



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dobee snowber

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