Dobee Snowber 

Artist Statement

August 2019


After many years I have come full circle and have returned to the theme of swimmers and water. Interspersed are images of home and structure.I think about what it is that draws me to these subjects. The swimmers allow me to represent the female figure but with a certain anonymity. The water they are submerged in, swim through, emerge out of feel for me like the constantly changing moments in any given day. The effort to swim up and out of and to breathe. The structures are about entropy and the history that these structures hold, worn and beaten but still standing.


In creating my work, I am constantly reminded that I cannot successfully manifest until I fully let go, of ideas, of expectations, of judgments.  At times I find it incredibly difficult to do this but in those moments when I get there I know it and it impels me to push forward and make concrete, on board with paint, ink, paper, pen, color, these cumulative moments. My pieces are about structure and entropy, about home and transitions, about the moment just before and the one right after and the one in between.

I am a working Artist, (printmaking, painting and mixed media), making time between time and whenever possible, to create.  I have lived in the Bay area for 20 years. Prior to that time I lived in Santa fe and before that various and sundry places east of the Rockies.

I hold a BA in Intellectual History/Feminist Studies from Kirkland College and a BFA in Printmaking and Painting from the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine.  I have shown extensively in various venues including galleries, museums, group collaborations and solo exhibits.




The Art of Quarantine

A selection of work by Bay Area artists done while sheltering in place

SHOH Gallery, 700 Gilman St, Berkeley, California 94710
July 2- August 8, 2020
Masks and social distancing required. Only 2 people in the gallery at once. Appointments recommended.
Call SHOH @ 510 504-9988.




"The Art of Quarantine" Invitational Group Exhibit, SHOH Gallery, Berkeley, CA


“Captured Moments” 2 Person Invitational Exhibit, SHOH Gallery, Berkeley, CA

“Under the Influences” Invitational Exhibit. La Sala de Galisteo, Galisteo NM


Sarah Shriver Annual Studio Show, Invitational Show, San Rafael, CA

“Featured Artist-Member/November 2018,” Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA - /dobee-snowber-featured-artist/

Vibrant Vissions, Juried Exhibition, SF Womens Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Best Seats in the House” Invitational Exhibit. La Sala de Galisteo, Galisteo NM

“Facing the Wall Invitational Exhibit”, Overpass Projects/Art League of Rhode Island, Vets Gallery, Providence, RI

“The Space Between”4 Person Invitational Exhibit, SHOH Gallery, Berkeley, CA


Here, Part I 2017 Artists Annual Exhibition, Berkeley Arts Center, Berkeley, CA

San Francisco Bay Area Printmaker’s Juried Exhibition, Falkirk Culutural Center, Marin, CA

Old Enough to Know Better Juried Exhibit, Philadelphia Women's Caucus, Crane Gallery 105, Philadelphia, PA


Sarah Shriver Annual Studio Show, Invitational Show, San Rafael, CA

Chairs Juried Exhibit, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA


Sarah Shriver Annual Studio Show, Invitational Show, San Rafael, CA


Chairs Invitational Group Show, Orangeland Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Sarah Shriver Annual Studio Show, Invitational Show, San Rafael, C




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