artist statement

Dobee Snowber – November 2017


Art is not simply about creative expression. Like all things in life it is dictated and affected by the constraints of time, space & materials, quite literally. Over the years I have learned to utilize whatever materials I have available in the given moment I have available- a day, an hour, fifteen minutes. I work with printed or drawn images, scrap paper, recycled house paint, ink, tchotchkes collected over time. I have come to learn that it is only not only in the physical act that real creation happens; it is the combination of thought and act and the application of what my mind has been mulling with the materials at hand that ultimately makes art. These pieces were created using monoprints, recycled paper, house paint and old Xeroxes. I work by building a surface and then allowing the image to tell its own narrative. I find that my expression goes in and out of being easily identified by specific objects or only a reference, a non-specific narrative. Through this entropic process the images shift; they are structures, they are landscapes, they are home, clearly and not so clearly. They are rooted, they are ephemeral, they wait.

I am a working Artist, (printmaking, painting and mixed media), making time between time and whenever possible, to create.  I have lived in the Bay area for 20 years. Prior to that time I lived in Santa fe and before that various and sundry places east of the Rockies.

I hold a BA in Intellectual History/Feminist Studies from Kirkland College and a BFA in Printmaking and Painting from the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine.  I have shown extensively in various venues including galleries, museums, group collaborations and solo exhibits.